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Google is not upright advisor for your Unique idea

We have been in the industry and, since inception, we have seen with many clients across the globe and we found so many issues the clients are facing while implementing their unique idea or business flow requirements to make sure that the business will run completely hassle-free we are providing end to end consultancy Service.

The dilemma is, most of the client get knowledge form Google which is less authentic and go directly to the development company, the issues start from there.This is a pre-development process which will help you perceive which technology would be suitable for your unique idea and time to Go-live with cost estimation.

Myth VS Truth - The Bitter Truth

Wrong conclusion. because they produce cheap quality work.

Yes, but they deal with you by their business perspective and business benefits.

Agreed but one cannot satisfy every person so you could be the victim, cant say.

No, needs market research, niche, and strategies.

Sorry no, that is call sales closer or client onboarding.


Why you need an IT Consultant ?

  • Misinformation across the web, need to filter out as per your objective

  • Avoid Misleading information from the development company

  • Acquire the fair technologies which will be helpful in the long run

  • Choosing the equitable server as the market is full of the service provider

  • Differentiate between the developer and middle man

  • Proper project scope and technical documentations creation

  • Protect your Intelectual Property strategically

  • Market awareness, niche analysis, and marketing plan creation

  • Budgeting, planning, and execution.

  • Exit Policy from the development company

Pricing Plan

Excellent Plans for your needs


₹15000 .00

One Time
  • 4 Direct Call

  • Email Support

  • Research

  • Project Document

  • Advisory Support


₹35000 .00

One Time
  • Everything of Basics

  • Ideation

  • Competitor analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Documents