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Avoid Bidding, save time and enrich your skills, let clients connect you or one-click send your profile.


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Browse collective jobs, one-click will help your to send your full profile, it's easy.


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No hide-seek, direct contact to the clients independently.


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Setup milestones with task deliverables and dates, get approved.


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Hire Experts on monthly basis, build a team, run business in auto pilot mode, setup work deliverables, track productivity and pay monthly


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Search for the experts by few clicks. You can filter by experience, skills, and many more



Review profile and shortlist the experts, you can select multiple experts at a time



Start to communicate and send the requirements to multiple experts


Approve Project Milestone

Review the milestones from experts and Approve



Hire and start working. Build your remote team


Productivity and Pay

Pay the monthly salary as per the productivity report, Relax

Startup, protect your idea and don't showcase it publically

Filter the relevant experts and send your idea. Never go out of budget while you create your unique product. Build your internal team.

Enhanced Project Management Tool

Inbuilt Project Management system for your team will help you to set up milestones of the projects without any cost and also can assist you to take the next level of initiative.

Escrow Protected Payment

Escrow mode will secure your fund and pay according to the productivity of your team on pro-rata-basis. It's easy.

Regular Productivity Tracker

The productivity tool will give you day to day report of your team member how many hours he has worked and what he has delivered to you.

Post Payout

Get work updates from your team and match the productivity report then release payment. Track nitty-gritty of your work.

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