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Unlock your HR potential with our intuitive HRMS solution

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Key Features

Drive productivity, enhance compliance with our HRMS

Drive productivity, enhance compliance with our HRMS
Our HRMS software revolutionizes the recruitment process by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline every stage of talent acquisition. From sourcing to onboarding, our intuitive platform empowers recruiters with advanced applicant tracking capabilities, enabling them to efficiently manage candidate pipelines and make data-driven hiring decisions. Customizable recruitment workflows and insightful analytics provide organizations with the flexibility and insights needed to optimize their hiring strategies. With automated features that minimize administrative tasks and reduce time-to-hire, our HRMS ensures a seamless experience for both recruiters and candidates, ultimately helping businesses attract and onboard top talent effectively in today's competitive market.

HR excellence starts here with our comprehensive HRMS
Our HRMS software redefines the employee onboarding experience by offering a seamless and intuitive platform tailored to meet the unique needs of every organization. From the moment a new hire accepts their offer, our system guides them through a personalized onboarding journey, ensuring they feel welcomed and equipped for success from day one. With automated workflows and customizable onboarding templates, HR teams can efficiently manage all necessary paperwork, training modules, and compliance requirements, minimizing administrative burden and maximizing productivity. Our platform fosters engagement and connectivity by providing access to company resources, policies, and culture initiatives, enabling new employees to quickly integrate into the organization's ecosystem. With robust tracking and reporting capabilities, HR managers gain valuable insights into onboarding progress and employee satisfaction, empowering them to continuously refine and optimize the onboarding process for future hires.

From hire to retire, our HRMS has you covered
Our HRMS software transforms the appraisal process into a strategic opportunity for employee growth and organizational development. With our intuitive platform, managers can effortlessly conduct performance evaluations, set goals, and provide constructive feedback in real-time. Our system offers customizable appraisal templates and evaluation criteria, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and values. Through built-in collaboration features, employees and managers can engage in meaningful conversations about performance expectations and career aspirations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional development. Advanced analytics and reporting tools provide HR leaders with actionable insights into performance trends and areas for improvement, enabling data-driven decision-making and informed talent management strategies. With our HRMS, appraisals become more than just a routine task—they become a catalyst for driving employee engagement, retention, and overall organizational success.

Seamless HR management for modern businesses
Our HRMS software empowers employees with a robust self-service portal, putting control of their HR-related tasks and information directly into their hands. With our intuitive platform, employees can easily access and update personal information, submit time-off requests, view pay stubs, and enroll in benefits—all within a user-friendly interface accessible anytime, anywhere. Our self-service features streamline administrative processes, freeing up HR resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. Through secure login credentials and role-based permissions, employees can confidently manage their HR needs while ensuring data privacy and security. With our HRMS self-service capabilities, organizations can enhance employee satisfaction, improve efficiency, and promote a culture of autonomy and accountability within the workforce.

HR made simple, effective, and dynamic
Our HRMS software revolutionizes leave and attendance management by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline the entire process. With intuitive features, employees can effortlessly request time off, check their leave balances, and view their attendance records—all from a user-friendly interface accessible on any device. Managers gain real-time visibility into their team's availability, enabling them to approve or deny requests promptly and ensure adequate coverage. Automated notifications and reminders keep everyone informed, reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts and improving overall efficiency. With customizable leave policies and accrual rules, our HRMS adapts to the unique needs of each organization, simplifying compliance and reducing administrative overhead. By centralizing leave and attendance data, our platform provides HR leaders with valuable insights to optimize workforce planning and drive strategic decision-making. With our HRMS, managing leave and attendance becomes seamless, transparent, and hassle-free for both employees and administrators

The bookings will give you the confirmed customer information who already approved your quotation and the list of customers can be viewed in the same section. .

  • You can accept after getting a final confirmation from the customer else you can cancel the same.

  • Once canceled the quotation will be canceled automatically

  • You can view the full details with customer information, origin and destination details, article information, and handyman details.

  • Ability to print out the same and download it as PDF

On Transit will give you detailed information on accepted bookings in two classified manners that is “UP COMING TRANSITS/JOBS” and “ ON TRANSITS”. .

  • The app will allow auto segmentation of your upcoming and on transit On Transits, you are able to update the location


  • You can update the status of your shipment and customer get notified

  • “Service Deliver Soon” Notifications also there. Once completed mark the status “Service Delivered”

Once Service Delivered mark you will able to see all lists in the invoice section and you can follow the steps

  • Upload invoice by customer name Quote number and amount

  • Customer can download the invoice from the link you sent.

  • Mark and send the invoice via email and SMS

  • The vendor manager will help you list your associates and see all information at a glance. You can check all information and location as well as bank details.

    • Vendor Category separation such as - Transporters, Handyman, Origin Vendor and Destination Vendor

    • You can add Vendors with all information like name, contact info, email, bank details, location, and so on.

  • The system will ask for vendor information before you set up your transits on upcoming jobs.

  • Product Review

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    Integrated with all important tools

    Third-party tools help you to automate your system and hassle-free work on regular basis


    Best-in-class reporting system

    • Sales report with automated calculation

    • Leads detailed reports

    • Booking and Transits Reports

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cloud will take 7-10 working days although we deliver within a couple of days but Emails and SMS approval are required. Self Hosted takes usually 15-30 days in your server. 

    We have 30 days refund policy no questions asked.

    Yes, we have 15 days trial, you can contact sales to get your version.