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Streamline your Packers and Movers business with CRM-SOP Software

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Key Features

Best in class relocation industry software just 2 clicks aways from you

Onboarding employees are the key feature of your CRM SOP software. Until you add your team members the system won't work. It does not matter if you have 2 team members in 2000, a team member has to work. The system has been designed in such a way that any small medium or big enterprise can use the same.

  • Employee personal details mapped with department and designations

  • Employee can log in to their own system and work

  • Employee address and communication can be maintained

  • Employee educational information can be recorded

The CRM SOP software segregated the client type into B2B and B2C. The relocation industry has two target customers yet some companies focus on B2B or B2C and some focus on both. Hence the system will allow you to manage the same. This we call customer onboarding. .

  • Grid of B2B and List of B2C customers

  • Add new customers as per customer type which is B2B and B2C

  • Edit and update customer information

  • Assign the designated team member to the client . 

Once your customer is on boarded you can get connect with them personally or by phone or email to create your lead. The lead will cover a few vital things, which is customer information, origin and destination, article information, handyman support, and insurance. Your team assignment will start now while you create leads.

  • When you click on the “Add Lead” from customer system will take info automatically

  • Have the option to select your moving type which is Local, Domestics, Commercial, or International as well as source of Leads

  • Have to enter origin and destination information with address, city, state, and country. Also, you must enter the floor number, lift availability, and Preferred date of packing, moving, and delivery.

  • Have the option to enter articles like TV, Washing machine, bed, tables, computer, and so on. A pre-defined list will be available in CFT format. You can enter your additional information too. The system is open for the same.

On the Survey section, the system will allow a separate view where you can easily identify the status of each customer whether a survey is done or a survey is required. .

  • The card view classified option will give visibility of each customer's status like Survey done, survey required, address not found, address not found and survey declined.

  • Survey required you can review the list of surveys that you need to execute

  • Survey team can edit the lead articles if there are any changes while survey.

  • Survey done will give one-click Quote Generate

On the Quote list, you can review the quote you have generated and sent via email automated. You will option to quote approval by simply one click to change the status. .

  • Select branch because you may have multi GST, hence you can generate quote from any branch from respective GST enabled

  • One click to get customer details in your create quote, no need for any feed data Automated Quote generation

  • Discount option will help you give any off kind of deduction. You can also give a discount on Figures or Percentage

  • Quote with CFT auto feed, Enter service details from the pre-defined service list and Auto calculator

  • Tax options with GST, RCM, and Not Applicable and Send Quote PDF via email and SMS

  • Pre-defined Terms that are too editable from your system as per your company terms. You also edit the same at the time of quote send

The bookings will give you the confirmed customer information who already approved your quotation and the list of customers can be viewed in the same section. .

  • You can accept after getting a final confirmation from the customer else you can cancel the same.

  • Once canceled the quotation will be canceled automatically

  • You can view the full details with customer information, origin and destination details, article information, and handyman details.

  • Ability to print out the same and download it as PDF

On Transit will give you detailed information on accepted bookings in two classified manners that is “UP COMING TRANSITS/JOBS” and “ ON TRANSITS”. .

  • The app will allow auto segmentation of your upcoming and on transit On Transits, you are able to update the location


  • You can update the status of your shipment and customer get notified

  • “Service Deliver Soon” Notifications also there. Once completed mark the status “Service Delivered”

Once Service Delivered mark you will able to see all lists in the invoice section and you can follow the steps

  • Upload invoice by customer name Quote number and amount

  • Customer can download the invoice from the link you sent.

  • Mark and send the invoice via email and SMS

  • The vendor manager will help you list your associates and see all information at a glance. You can check all information and location as well as bank details.

    • Vendor Category separation such as - Transporters, Handyman, Origin Vendor and Destination Vendor

    • You can add Vendors with all information like name, contact info, email, bank details, location, and so on.

  • The system will ask for vendor information before you set up your transits on upcoming jobs.

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    Integrated with all important tools

    Third-party tools help you to automate your system and hassle-free work on regular basis

    Pricing Plans

    Pick a plan that suits your business

    Monthly Yearly
    Cloud Hosted
    For team use

    ₹3999 .00

    ₹2499 .00

    Per Month
    • Complete Application

    • Security Enabled

    • Email Automation

    • Cloud Hosted

    • Emails SMS Setup

    • 10000 Emails per month

    • 1000 SMS per month

    • Email & Phone Support

    Self Hosted
    For team use

    ₹6599 .00

    ₹4999 .00

    Per Month
    • Complete Application

    • Security Enabled

    • Email Automation

    • Whitelabel

    • Emails SMS Setup

    • 10000 Emails per month

    • 1000 SMS per month

    • Email & Phone Support

    For enterprise use

    Contact us

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    One Time
    • Complete Application

    • Security Enabled

    • Email Automation

    • Whitelabel & Customization

    • Emails SMS Setup

    • 10000 Emails per month

    • 1000 SMS per month

    • Email & Phone Support


    Best-in-class reporting system

    • Sales report with automated calculation

    • Leads detailed reports

    • Booking and Transits Reports

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cloud will take 7-10 working days although we deliver within a couple of days but Emails and SMS approval are required. Self Hosted takes usually 15-30 days in your server. 

    We have 30 days refund policy no questions asked.

    Yes, we have 15 days trial, you can contact sales to get your version.