What is ERP and How its help industries like Distribution, Health, Retail, and Manufacturing?

What is ERP and How its help industries like Distribution, Health, Retail, and Manufacturing?

So what is ERP software? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning an industry-standard term that.. Oh, wait a minute let’s not get there. ERP at its essence is a tool for managing information. So what is managing information all about here’s a definition we like information management is the organized collection storage and use of information for the benefit of an enterprise. 

So how do you organize information in your company? I am sure you have a customer database or we call it CRM and something managing your orders or warehouse an accounting system and then you’re probably filling gaps in your information pipeline with spreadsheets and manual processes but none of these talk to each other. 


But they don’t share data it’s what people call just islands of information which impacts efficiency and let’s face it efficiency is connected to time and money so here is where an ERP system helps you the ERP centralizes all the information in your organization and by doing this you are able to streamline the flow of information all your business processes become connected end-to-end and now other things become easier you have a single view of your customer so you can provide better service your team works more efficiently because they have the information they need when they need it and when you want to analyze your information since it’s all in the same place you can report on it any way you want so this is what your ERP does for you.

In today’s terms, we decided to stick another word at the front modern ERP because centralizing and managing your information seamlessly is just the beginning modern ERP allows you to do so much more like connecting to your customers better through a portal link to modern communication tools like exchange 365 for your email or power bi for business intelligence
modern ERP can speak the same language as your supplier’s systems things like

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