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Wherefrom I can see, there are so many IT professionals working as freelancers because they want independent life, work as per their convenience and get more money. Some of the freelancers are trying to create a small company as their dream. So they resign their regular jobs and start freelancing on reputed online crowdsourcing sites like http://www.upwork.com and http://freelancer.com. But how you can find Work from home jobs or remote jobs for Fixed monthly income Interestingly, the free registration on this kind of sites will help them to start bidding on projects and they became one out of thousand bidders. Initially, they become a bit frustrated when they are incapable to win a bid, but gradually they understand they have to bid on continuously by maintaining some format so that they can win a job and get hired. After a few months of practice, they are able to win a…

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To get the projects on time delivery it’s really tough though there are plenty of mistakes we usually make. Let us discuss some points causes of project delays or why project not delivered on time and what would be the solution` Project Perception Budgeting Personal Issues Choosing the right candidate Changing scope Productivity and time tracking Project Perception “Client is always right” – nice quote. But as a client, one should understand the thoughts, imagination, vision, and mission of the project could be great but to achieve that one must have adequate knowledge and sources about technology implement. Anything can be done in technology but yet some boundaries which restrict the developers to make such imaginary things which perhaps sound easy to achieve but not all the time.  To achieve such things forcibly lead to an unsecured application which will help to create malware activities. So, while thinking about any project development…

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