Project Managment

We at Nynedge, providing Project Management to our valued clients. We are using Agile methodology and scrum master framework. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years, hence, we have been dealing with many clients across the globe and we found so many issues the clients are facing while implement their unique idea or business flow requirements to make sure that the business will run completely hassle-free.
Agile is a powerful technique to get results in a short period of time and it is far more batter than traditional project management methodology.
There are two way to opt the Agile methodology
1. Lighter Agile Approach
Extreme Programming
2. Extensive Agile Approach
The following initial mode will be on once we take over the assignment.
Discussion -> Analysis -> Strategies -> Execution -> QA and Testing -> Live
We connect with a technical designer, programmers, and database architectures to make sure work on the process
We create sprint on every parameter and check the status, we may reopen the spring backlog to track each every step and track down the milestones and deliverable.