Pricing Plans for our Experts


  • Free for Life
  • Display Profile on client search
  • One click Send your profile to the company
  • 10 Access and apply New Jobs
  • Client will communicate by your email and skype

  • Every thing of Basic, and :
  • Unlimited Credits and apply New Jobs every month
  • Recommendation Rank
  • Keep your 100% earning, zero commission
  • Client will communicate by your email and skype
Premium Plus*

  • Every thing of Premium, and :
  • Route international payment at 1.3% per transaction
  • Deposit within 3 business days to your bank
  • Access to use Escrow Protected Payment
  • Access to use Project Management Tool
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Frequently Asked Questions

  Why should we join here? ?
Because we will market your profile to clients, rather than wasting your time on bidding you can upgrade yourself to next level.
  Is there any project base work? ?
No, it is monthly hiring for remote work. You have to work part time or full time a month and get paid monthly. However, you will have access to full client contact information, we do not hide any information and we do not provide any communication tool as of now.
  It could be long term or short term??
It depended on the client and you, if you wish to work as a long term you can do that.
  Is this Paid Service? ?
Yes, it is Paid service, to use this platform you have to pay yearly fees. If you would not get a job within 12 months system will allow you Free another 12 months. Please see Pricing.
  What are the countries your service being offered ?
Currently, Nynedge has been offering these countries only Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland,and United Kingdom. If your country do not listed, you may Contact us
  What else will I get if I make payment? ?
You will get access of New Collective Jobs and apply directly to the companies as per your skills. We also forward your resume to clients so that client may directly contact you.
  Do I need to do bidding ?
No, no more bidding here, the client will send you job details directly to you.
  What will happen if I will not take Paid Service ?
Your profile will show the end of Paid users so you might not get connected with clients and you cannot apply for more jobs, hence chances shall be low to get jobs.
  Do you have a refund policy ?
No, we do not have a refund policy.