Why us

Learn the benefits of Nynedge.

For Experts

Nynedge.com is a Paradigm shift for remote hiring ( gig-economy) and payment processing SaaS platform that is designed to provide jobs with full time or part-time employment. Nynedge offering 1.3% international fund transfer through their payment processing module.

Experts can avail the opportunities from the platform

  • Directly connect with companies
  • Apply for unlimited jobs and companies may directly contact you
  • Fixed monthly income, no need to bid for any projects or jobs
  • Work from your comfort zone
  • Receive FULL salary deposit into your account within 72 hrs, zero commission
  • Work with team members

For Companies

Nynedge is a comprehensive remote hiring platform, which will not only helping companies to reduce operating cost and overheads but also helping to connect with the right talent.

Companies can avail the opportunities from the platform

  • Zero fees on the job post
  • Our algorithm help to find relevant talent and connect directly
  • Build the team
  • The payroll system will help you to salary disbursements
  • Track work activities
  • Help to connect with investors

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