The Story

A couple of years back one of our existing client who was procuring IT services from us. One day he was looking for help for his friend who wanted to develop an Accounting and Billing Application like Quickbooks. We were occupied so we said we need a couple of months to take over the project, but he wanted to start that immediately. So he was looking for a suggestion, we suggested to him, that he can hire any team or developers from an online marketplace for gig-economy, he found a developer who can do the job, please note he was "a developer", both were agreed with $4000 approx within 6 months delivery commitment. We lost the client though. After 8 to 9 months our client came to us and asked us looking for help once again, we asked him, what kind of help he is looking for? He said his friends were in trouble. He had paid 80% where he had received only 30% of work and developer looking for more money, it was kind of Ransom. When we researched that we found that he was a marketing person who knows some technical jargons to convince client and outsourced the work to the real developer and keep a high percentage. In other words actually, he was a broker. The real developers found there was a lot of work in very less amount. So the project was moved to dispute. This is NOT one incident, there are many and every day you will find this kind of issues where someone is losing and someone is winning. In other words, to win someone, someone has to lose or vice verse.

So, the new Edge began is a peer to peer remote hiring ( gig-economy), lead generator and payment processing platform that is designed to provide jobs with full time or part-time employment with the commitment of zero disputes. The platform will be effective in matching educated, skilled, responsible candidates with employers in need of their full time or part-time assistance. This is an initiative to fill up the gap between remote professionals and companies. The companies may hire on a monthly fixed salary and the professional must work every day to deliver the services. The platform not only helps companies to reduce operating cost but also it will help them find qualified professionals who can work remotely. The platform is a client-oriented, wherein the client can connect with the desired candidates by looking at their profile. The client can choose by taking the interview gs which will help them find the exact match at a reasonable cost. The professionals will get a fixed monthly income from a relevant and reliable source and can maintain work/life balance. In addition to having a robust application on their site, Nynedge will also offer tools for cost-effective payment processing, project management, and productivity tracker.

Why Client will choose us

  • Safeguard your business mode: Posting business requirement on the public platform may lead to stealing the idea, but in this platform, the client will share the idea with a few service providers only.
  • Hire Full time or Part time: Build own remote team, hire for 80 to 160 hours a month.
  • Client–centric communication: Find relevant profile by skills, budget, and experience. Client shall start communication after shortlisting.
  • Secure payment with Escrow: Add funds on escrow and release as per productivity report on pro-rata-basis.
  • Project Management Tool: Update task and setup deliverables with date, track efficiency.
  • Productivity tool: Track how many hours service provider worked and pay accordingly.

Why Expert will choose us

  • Experts get secured monthly fixed income: Get secured income every month and invest time on skill development
  • Get Hired Full time or Part time: Client retention, work for long-term hire for 80 to 160 hours a month.
  • Avoid rat race: Avoid waste of time on bidding and upgrade skills to get high salary every month
  • Secure payment with Escrow: Work on escrow mode and get paid as per productivity report on pro-rata-basis.
  • Project Management Tool:Update task and setup deliverables with date, track efficiency.
  • Productivity toolTrack your work how many hours worked and get paid accordingly.

Who could be the client

  • Startup: If you are a startup is struggling with design and develop the unique product and protect your idea. If you have consistent changes on products to market fit as per feedback from relevant clients. This is a suitable platform for you. You will able to build a remote team.
  • Small Firms: If you non-IT firm and you must maintain your web presence on regular basis, no need to hire in-house build your small team and keep track work and pay monthly.
  • IT Sales and Marketing people: Hiring is a tough process, infrastructure and over-head cost included, build your team as per your technology requirement, use project management tool, check deliverables, continue work.

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