Google is not upright advisor for your Unique idea

You may get innumerable suggestions from different people on/off line but that never be at per your requirements so at the end you have to scuffle like other folks. Hence, you need an IT Consultant

The IT Consultancy services for SMEs and Business houses.
We have been in the industry and, since inception, we have seen with many clients across the globe and we found so many issues the clients are facing while implementing their unique idea or business flow requirements to make sure that the business will run completely hassle-free we are providing end to end consultancy Service. The dilemma is, most of the client get knowledge form Google which is less authentic and go directly to the development company, the issues start from there.This is a pre-development process which will help you perceive which technology would be suitable for your unique idea and time to Go-live with cost estimation.

Myth VS Truth

Below the Bitter Truth

Wrong conclusion. because they produce cheap quality work.

Yes, but they deal with you by their business perspective and business benefits

Agreed but one cannot satisfy every person so you could be the victim, cant say.

No, needs market research, niche, and strategies

Sorry no, that is call sales closer or client onboarding

Our Process

We dig into the idea and find out the core issues which may occur while the application development to mapping up with business. We follow the process like

Why you need an IT Consultant ?

Our Amazing Pricing​

$ 157/One Time
4 Direct Call
Email Support
Project Document
Advisory Support
$ 29/mo
4 Direct Call Monthly
Email Support
Strategy building
Competitor analysis
Market analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need IT Consultancy?

I want to develop simple website, do I need your Service?

No, you do not need any consultancy.

What kind projects you provide consulancy?

Almost all kinds but we do consultancy on enterprise application development, online SaaS and PaaS applications, and complex applications.

E-Commerce sites needs consultancy?

Usually, it depends on your goal. If you want to start regular e-commerce, you do not need, however, for a unique idea, you must take an IT consultant.

Why two kind of pricing one time and monthly?

How many hours you work for us on monthly basis?

20 Hours a month.

What is your payment terms?

Upfront full payment to execute your work.

What is your payment mode?


Will your create Statement of work (SoW) for development company on our behalf?

Yes. We will.

Do you provide Project Managment Support?

Yes. We do.

Do you have development team?

Yes we have but they work on our own product development. However, we provide on-demand development Services as well.

How long will it take first part task to complete?

Depends, however, we takes max 40 working days to complete.