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No, it is monthly hiring for remote work. You have to work part time or full time a month and get paid monthly.

It depended on the client and you, if you wish to work as a long term you can do that, though minimum hiring 3 months.

Until client add fund on escrow you will not be hired, if you worked on as productivity report you will get paid.

That is mutual decision has to take by both of you, if client wish to release then you will be released and wait for next client hiring, if client wish to continue you could continue.

If you are not doing your work properly or not communicating with client, client will give your warning before release you and cancel the hiring.

It depend of your bank usually it takes 3-5 working days.

Meaning, if you hired for 160 hrs a month and you have worked only 100 hrs then you will get paid only for 100 hrs, 60 hours amount will be refunded to client.

No, you must work on client server and you will get paid for sure on pro-rata-basis. Its against our policy.

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