Transmogrify Your Enterprise by HRIS

Our Solely dedicated cloud-based HR software that will cater to all your issues to manage your people seamlessly.

Our HR Software will help in automating the flow of various HR-related processes. It will help in storing employee information in a structured manner to enable quick access to the required information. It will also help in future HR planning and business decision-making by providing the required information in form of customized HR analytical reports.

Unique Buying Point of HR Software

Solely Cloud Hosted

The HR Software is dedicatedly allocated for you in a separate hosting account. Your account is completely independent and the encrypted data and information under your control. No one will have to access your account

No more PPEPM

No need to Pay Per Employee Per Month, One company one plan for you. Just plug and play with unlimited employees, no restrictions. Add, remove, or manage your employees, no one asks for the additional upgrade to your plan.

Fully Loaded

No more classified plans, fully loaded features you will opt and use. As per your request customization will be available for you. Hassle-free cloud-based HR Software for your first time on the market.

Key Features

Human Resource

Capture relevant information about your employees and store them in electronic form. Manage and view the required information instantly at ease without wasting time in a tedious search. Customize the data fields as per your requirement.


Manage the entire cycle of appraisals for your employees in electronic form. Check the status of their appraisal, review previous appraisal details, get them to appraise self and then proceed to appraise them. Generate a report for increment and promotion decisions and share your feedback with employees.


Gain better insights for quick business decision-making related to human resources such as manpower planning, talent management, career planning, succession planning, and so on. Also, check the interview and background verification status of new recruitments and calculate the productivity level of existing employees.

Background Checks

Manage the entire process of background verification of new employees. Know the status of each verification at a glance and generate a report as per your requirement

Leave Management

Manage the status of employee leave. Get your leave database automatically updated as soon as details of leave are entered. Get to know the status of an employee’s leave status at a glance and then approve leave electronically.

Talent Acquisition

Manage the manpower planning process better. Keep a track of requisitions and approvals.

Interview Schedule

Manage the entire interview process electronically. Keep a record of candidate information and interview flow the candidate has gone through along with comments from each interviewer. Use this information for taking the final decision.

Time Management

Keep track of the time at which employees are logging in and logging off. Use this information to analyze their productivity per hour.


Track the expenses of your employees for payment. Manage records of advances and their recovery. Generate report category wise to control cost. Analyze the spending pattern of individual employees. Compare the cost viz-a-viz the income generated by them.

Asset Management

Maintain a database of the assets of your organization. Keep track of their working condition and plan your asset maintenance schedule using the information to ensure seamless working.

Incident Tracking

Keep track of any untoward incident and action taken against the incidences. Use this information in case of any legal proceeding and also for taking any decision regarding the employee.

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Amazing Pricing for your cloud-based HR software​

Unlimited Employees/Users
All Features Included
A Dedicated account on the cloud
2 Support Ticket every month
Setup $130 On time
Billed Monthly
Unlimited Employees/Users
All Features Included
A Dedicated account on the cloud
4 Support Ticket every month
No Setup Fees
Billed Quarterly
Unlimited Employees/Users
All Features Included
A Dedicated account on the cloud
10 Support Ticket every month
No Setup Fees
Billed Biyearly
Unlimited Employees/Users
All Features Included
A Dedicated account on the cloud
20 Support Ticket every month
No Setup Fees
Billed Annually
2 Months Free


How does it work?

When you place an order as per your requirements, you will get notified and we will ask you for some information like Company Logo, User(s) name you want to create, and so on. Once we will have those details, it will take 4-6 working days to set up your application.

Will I get an independent URL?

Indeed, every business has its own independent information and clients, we have to assure you that no data will be a leak to others. With complete data encryption, we also provide independent URL in a Sub Domain and database.

Will you provide support if any issues occur in the system?

Absolutely, we will provide after-sales and support. You need to raise a support ticket and we will take it from there.

Will you provide a customized application for us?

Yes, we do provide customization as per your requirements. An additional charge will be applicable.

How can I be your partner and resell your software?

Yes, you can, just contact us, we will guide you to become a business associate with us. Just email us

How do you ensure our data safety?

Having said that, all applications will be independent and the encrypted database only delicately stored on our server. No one can access that. we meet globally accepted compliance and data security protocols – ISO,GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

Do you refund policy?

Yes, we have refund policy. You can refer this refund link to know more.

May I see any demo, before buy?

Yes, please click here to request a demo, our team will contact you and schedule the meeting on Zoom

Have more questions?

Don't hesitate, feel free to raise your concern