Project Manager Salary and why hire a project manager

Since you are here perhaps you wanted to know about project management, although there are thousands of articles, tutorials, helps and knowledge base on the internet where from you learn or acquire knowledge about project management but this article not for them who wish to become project manager or who is project manager but learn […]

What is bitcoin and how bitcoin works

The world is running towards Bitcoin the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain right now, so I thought let me write something about the new term for Currency. I have done some analysis on that and let me put it in some easy modes. So, Let’s get started   Here I am gonna write in 4 steps What is Cryptocurrency  Bitcoin and alternatives Trading The […]

work from home and remote jobs

Work from home jobs or remote jobs for Fixed monthly income

Where from I can see, there are so many IT professionals working as freelancers because they want independent life, work as per their convenience and get more money. Some of the freelancers are trying to create a small company as their dream. So they resign their regular jobs and start freelancing on reputed online crowd […]

Causes of project delays – 6 Reasons

To get the projects on time delivery it’s really tough though there are plenty of mistakes we usually make. Let us discuss some points causes of project delays or why project not delivered on time and what would be the solution` Project Perception Budgeting Personal Issues Choosing the right candidate Changing scope Productivity and time […]