Work from home jobs and remote jobs for Fixed monthly income

Wherefrom I can see, there are so many IT professionals working as freelancers because they want independent life, work as per their convenience and get more money. Some of the freelancers are trying to create a small company as their dream. So they resign their regular jobs and start freelancing on reputed online crowdsourcing sites like and But how you can find Work from home jobs or remote jobs for Fixed monthly income

Interestingly, the free registration on this kind of sites will help them to start bidding on projects and they became one out of thousand bidders. Initially, they become a bit frustrated when they are incapable to win a bid, but gradually they understand they have to bid on continuously by maintaining some format so that they can win a job and get hired.

After a few months of practice, they are able to win a bid and ready to give their 100% on the first project. Actually, this is not about the first project, this is about the money and the rate/review which client will give if they successfully deliver the project.

They did, really. They delivered and got the review. Well done.

What is next now?

Now, by showing the winning bid and review they are trying to get more work but again they are in RAT RACE. The companies are having 500+ reviews getting more chance to win the projects where is an independent freelancer still think off. They are feeling annoyed.

There are many really talented freelancers never able to show the potential due to the crowd so getting frustrated. Ultimately we all need food and shelter, how many days will use own savings, is it not a terrible life?

Going forward, no other way let’s move to REGULAR REMOTE JOBS now, once again. End of the Story.

So, what is the solution?

Rather than moving ahead with the new job, they should focus on monthly fixed salary by dedicated and remote hiring. There are several companies looking for dedicated hiring now these days which we call ” remote hiring”. The freelancers should upgrade themselves and go with remote freelancing. That may give them peace of mind, monthly fixed income and work, and life balance.

There is an integrated comprehensive remote hiring platform where a freelancer may list all the profile and verify all the details. The client may directly take an interview and hire instantly.

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