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6 Reasons why do IT project late to deliver

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To get the projects on time delivery it’s really tough though there are plenty of mistakes we usually make. Let us discuss some points causes of project delays or why project not delivered on time and what would be the solution`

  • Project Perception
  • Budgeting
  • Personal Issues
  • Choosing the right candidate
  • Changing scope
  • Productivity and time tracking

Project Perception

“Client is always right” – nice quote. But as a client, one should understand the thoughts, imagination, vision, and mission of the project could be great but to achieve that one must have adequate knowledge and sources about technology implement. Anything can be done in technology but yet some boundaries which restrict the developers to make such imaginary things which perhaps sound easy to achieve but not all the time.  To achieve such things forcibly lead to an unsecured application which will help to create malware activities. So, while thinking about any project development please think about the technologies which can use to protect in long terms goal.


Most interesting thing – Budgeting. For small companies, its utmost important but it varies as per technology going to opt. A budget cannot be defied just like that, it’s a process of work, time involved and knowledge with experience of a programmer. An e-commerce site can be made in $500 to $50000, so it depends. While a client outsources a work as per their budget there are many companies and freelancers start running behind the clients without checking their own credentials.

They have one and only target how to get this client onboard and in future, we can talk about price hike or we may do some unethical business practice, which is not at all good methodology to get a work order. There are many open source applications like Prestashop, Magento or woocommerce all are famous but they made in different mindset and code structure so budgeting should be as per the technology and credentials of a developer.

Personal Issues

Sometimes client and some time candidates may have some personal issues where projects getting delayed. Personal issues can be occurring due to unavoidable circumstances but its impact more. So there should be a mechanism to switch the developers or designer immediately. When a client has the total working hours of a developer or designer report it will help to client release the payment on pro-rata basis and start working with another developer. Else project gets delayed.

Choosing the right candidate

Choosing right developer is painful work. You cannot be sure that developer can deliver your work on time or not, you may find many portfolios and reviews but it doesn’t mean that your work will be delivered because because it also depends on scale and complexity of the project. ​It also determined on the mindset of the client that how much he or she keen into the deeper mode. So, First, we need to understand why project failed to deliver on time, the reasons are :

  • The developer has less knowledge of specific technology
  • The coder unable to​ ​perceive the requirements
  • The programmer is giving your project less time and dedication
  • You unable to track activities of progress

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Changing scope

While development phase is going on as a client or owner of the project you are really excited about your application, it’s like a new born baby for you, which is growing gradually. So as a owner you want to make it nicer and better. In this phase, you shall come across some new ideas or features which weren’t documented while you assigned your project to a developer and you do expect that without those features your purpose won’t be resolved to make this application. In this scenario, developers may (may not) take some advantages to hike the price insignificant way and that may not be acceptable to you.  

Even sometimes on a project basis, if you missed writing some points in your scope of work, developer consider that it is our of scope although that is genuinely part of work as silent features or basic needs of the application. Let’s take an example, if you do not put “social media button on site” on your scope some developers may thing it is not required where is it is a mandatory and basic feature on a simple website.

Productivity and time tracking

When a client looking for the developers or designers on crowded sources sites then there are many candidates who will place bid its hard to find out who will deliver on time, although there are so many 5 star ratings on the profile but each and every coder never deliver on time because there is no productivity or time tracking tools to track the work activities. If the client can track how many hrs a designer or developers worked then they will able to see that the coder has been given a few hrs on the project so it’s getting delayed. Here are some Productivity tools like TimeDoctor, Jibble. You can check this out

causes of project delays, hire remote project manager

So,  the bottom line is that if you choose developers as a project manager then you have to face the above hurdles, instead, if you hire them on monthly basis, then they have to do what you wish to achieve on a specific period of time.

What needs to be done

  • Avoid projects on a milestone basis
  • Add a technical project manager 
  • Hire developer on part or full time
  • Pay developer monthly basis
  • Hire developer on the dedicated monthly basis

You must hire a developer from a marketplace where you can choose or switch any candidate any time you want.

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