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Sending Email with Mailgun API – The delivery specialist

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When we consider about Email marketing application of Email API we usually Google it and click on the site which is Google first page. Most of the people go undeviatingly to the pricing page and compare all the plans. Also, we initiate some websites in different tabs and compare the price. So, today you will know about Sending Email with Mailgun API.

Then, we shut the windows and give several days to examine which one we should persist with but there are some people who Google it checks the reviews and rating of those platforms. Accordingly, we pick any of one and start using that. 

But today I am going to explain you the most beneficial tool which you can utilize free if you don’t want to send more then 10000 emails a month, you can practice it free and more then 10000 would be paid for sure. Fascinating right? Let’s get started.

Before going ahead I would like to tell you one fabrication personally. I hope you heard that many email marketing experts said 1% CTR ( Click through Rate) and open rate 22.23% to 43.05%, however, there is a “catch” they declare, that is ” depending upon industry”. So, the meaning is your open rate can be 8% to 10% and CTR would be less than 1%. 
The above statement is completely false. I assure you.

Ah, so there was a story when I had sprung my email operations I had 3 varieties of Database with a legitimate email address, refer below the list quantity

  • 250 people of list
  • 6000 people of list
  • 175000 people of list

The above list was completely accurate and established a list. 

  1. So when we spread the campaign of 250 lists we got 56% Open rate and 13.56% CTR. 
  2. When we blast the 2nd list we got 2% open rate and 0% CTR
    The last list when we posted  we got 8% open rate and 1% CRT

So can you see the contrast? So Did I try to start finding the issues and solutions? Yes, that’s right. 

What I observed in the first place was 

  1. The first listing was sent to relevant users so open rate and CTR was remarkable
  2. Second listing was sent to irrelevant users so it was dropped
  3. And the third listing was sent to the mob so general open rate and according to expert. 

So, if I would try to get the intent of expert they are pushing us to send to horde which is absolutely abreast of Anti Spam. Hence, so-called experts are provoking people to do email marketing in an unethical way. 

2nd observation was that

  • The server wasn’t intelligent adequate to deliver the inbox. Gmail and others undeviatingly move them to spam. They might be using old static and blacklisted IP for a long time. 

My 3rd observation which I found all 200 OK

  1. Adding an impressive subject line
  2. Add a nice and clean template
  3. Add text format of the email
  4. In the subject line, there should be the name of the recipient 
  5. Unsubscribe link
  6. Company address and contact information in the footer of the email

Now I am going to share you the name which you will get value on what you invest. The site name is and how Sending Email with Mailgun API.

Before I explain I will tell you Mailgun is a bit complex to operate than any other email marketing platform. However I am going to talk about the Mailgun API, price, compare and integration technique in PHP with source files.

Sending Email with Mailgun API - The delivery specialist

We have tested with 200 verified Email list, you can see the open rate and click-through rate ( CTR)

mailgun email delivery

We have 93 Open rate and 17 CTR our of 200 which means 46.5% Open rate and 8.5% is CTR.

mailgun email open rate

Mailgun is offering you an AI-based Email Marketing automation which will help you to increase your delivery. Sending Email with Mailgun API guide will explain to you more

The ultimate features offering

  1. Domain Name: Intretingly Mailgun offering subdomain options in your account like Hence the email will go from your subdomain NOT from your principal domain.
  2. Subdomain benefits: If you use any kind company email address like with the platform like Google GSuits or Zoho, you must set up the SPF, MX and DKIM records so that your domain will be pointed to their server. So it might conflicts sometime to setup MX, SPK and DKIM for the same domain with the different mail server. Hence the subdomain option will help you to easy integration without effecting your official email addresses, unlike Elastic Mail.
  3. Log retention: You can access the complete log where, when and whom the mail has been sent. The mail has bounced, compliant or suppressed.
  4. Analytics: The analytics will show you the delivery, open rate and CTR at a glance.
  5. Validation: One of the amazing features is that you can able to validate your email access and check whether the email address really in use or its obsolete.
  6. SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API extract away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email. Climb quickly, whether you want to send 1 or million emails.
  7. Lastly, they have features like dedicated IP address and webhooks.

Setup MX, SPF and DKIM Records in cPanel

cpanel mx records

Now, you necessitate to know what are the technologies they are offering API, so here is the list

  • PHP
  • Curl
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • Ruby

Pricing Plans

Their pricing plan is very simple and helps a lot for a new business to multi-million dollar business

  • Free Plan up to 10K per month
  • 100K plan $79 per month
  • 500K plan $165 per month
  • 1M plan $515 per month
  • Also, there are many Plans, you can check

Lastly, one difficult issue which I would like to mention here, very very important. First thing why do we use API email, this us simple question we need an email server so that we can shoot our business activities to our users, so most of us do not use a dedicated server for that, as its costly and email marketing app and maintenance would be overhead cost.

That is the only reason we always searching for the best email specialist which is Mailgun currently on earth. But they provide API which you need to extract using any server. To extract a file you cannot buy a dedicated server and install the required software and wait for a month. Hence, we are offering you the downloadable file in Mailgun PHP SDK which you can download and install in your shared server and it will work flawlessly.

Download the ZIP file Mailgun PHP SDK

PHP Mailgun SDK


Send download link to:

So, you are in this paragraph so I assume that you have downloaded the files and you are a developer. So you should not waste your time to register with us. Please visit Nynedge to get Jobs and Hire remote developers. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook