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Remote jobs and Remote work for Fixed monthly income

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Wherefrom I can see, there are so many IT professionals working as freelancers because they want independent life, work as per their convenience and get more money. Some of the freelancers are trying to create a small company as their dream.

Let’s talk about more

So they resign their regular jobs and start freelancing on reputed online crowdsourcing sites like and But how you can find Work from home jobs or remote jobs for Fixed monthly income

Interestingly, the free registration on this kind of sites will help them to start bidding on projects and they became one out of thousand bidders. Initially, they become a bit frustrated when they are incapable to win a bid, but gradually they understand they have to bid on continuously by maintaining some format so that they can win a job and get hired.

After a few months of practice, they are able to win a bid and ready to give their 100% on the first project. Actually, this is not about the first project, this is about the money and the rate/review which client will give if they successfully deliver the project.

They did, really. They delivered and got the review. Well done.

What is next now?

Now, by showing the winning bid and review they are trying to get more work but again they are in RAT RACE. The companies are having 500+ reviews getting more chance to win the projects where is an independent freelancer still think off. They are feeling annoyed.

There are many really talented freelancers never able to show the potential due to the crowd so getting frustrated. Eventually, we all need food and shelter, how many days will use own savings, is it not a terrible life?

Going forward, no other way let’s move to REGULAR REMOTE JOBS now, once again. End of the Story.

So, what is the solution?

Rather than moving ahead with the new job, they should focus on monthly fixed salary by remote jobs and remote hiring. There are several companies looking for remote hiring now these days which we call ” remote jobs”. The freelancers should upgrade themselves and go with remote freelancing. That may give them peace of mind, monthly fixed income and work, and life balance.

There is an integrated comprehensive remote hiring platform where a freelancer may list all the profile and verify all the details. The client may directly take an interview and hire instantly.

8 Effective points for Remote Jobs 

We will be talking about remote jobs advantages and what are the benefits you will get as well as what is the future.

Working remotely there are many advantages, I am going to refer few below


You will get more time to work, you will occupy more time to think about your work. In the same time, you will accept more time to relax. Your body requires power and energy to produce magnificent output. When you provide a good amount of leisure you will be much much more efficient on every task you do. Remote jobs and remote work will help you.

Low Stress

When you working under someone in a workplace, you will always under control of someone, that is inevitable. Thus, you will take more stress because you are constantly in the rush to satisfy someone. You start sensing stress which will not at all good for you as well as your family.

More connected

Having said that you are in a comfort zone and you can do the task efficiently so when you work with someone you always follow a detailed-oriented approach which will help your boss to more connected and maintain professionalism.

Helping to nature

You will be working from your home and you don’t need to commute or travel which will help to reduce pollution and gas. You will be helping nature in another way, think about it. We already dig into a materialistic society which will not be going to benefit our next generation. As we do not accept time to plant a tree so in imminent future people ought to buy oxygen. The oxygen will be a trillion-dollar industry. 

Family matters

Spending quality time with family is the most important. Remember in your hard days no one will be beside you but only your family will be with you. Family is the soul of everyone. We usually avoid them to earn money and promotion. You will be with your family which will bring you more happiness in your life.

You might be thinking you need to read a whole lot of article about remote jobs, perhaps NO, because this is 8 Points about remote jobs is not an article it is an infographic. In this article, you will understand how remote jobs will benefit us and the future of remote jobs. 

Difference between freelancing jobs and remote jobs

Have you ever thought what is the difference between freelancing jobs and remote jobs, no right? Let’s discuss why you choose remote jobs over freelancing jobs.

What is the difference between Remote jobs and freelance? Ideally, there is no difference as such, both works from remote locations to provide online service to clients or companies. Both works have freedom. However, there is something which makes remote jobs and freelancing jobs different, let me give you a few points

  • Remote jobs are part-time or full-time jobs on a regular basis, remote workers consider as Employee but freelancing jobs are project work basis, freelancers are self-employed
  • A remote worker can work with minimum one company or maximum of two companies at a time, freelancers can have multiple projects at a time
  • The remote client may provide hourly payment and fixed salary monthly or weekly/fortnightly, it depends on the client/company policy,  freelancers usually get paid on milestones basis and after project completion
  • The Remote workers have to work every day like office hours and delivery the task, freelancers can work any time to manage, most of the cases it’s unprofessional
  • Remote operators have fixed monthly income so that their social and banking reputation better, freelancers have variable monthly income so social and banking reputation not so good
  • The Remote peoples usually work 8 to 10hrs a day, freelancers may work 4 to 16 hrs a day (depends upon productivity)
    Remote workers do not waste more time to find work, freelancers regular do activities to find new work 
  • Remote workers never worried for money hence, they focus on skill development, most freelancers never get time to develop the skills
  • Funded or profitable companies usually hire remote workers, freelancers hired by individuals most of the time
  • Due to high skills, remote workers get paid a high salary from the clients/companies, freelancers do small budget jobs, giving big projects is involved a high risk to the freelancers
  • Remote workers may add past company roles and designation so that it has some trustworthiness, freelancers have uncertainty and often the client believe instantly
  • Remote workers have to follow some hierarchy. like project manager, team leads etc who will help to move forward, freelancers he himself playing all the roles so projects getting delay to deliver. 

More details about Remote work

There are 24% ( from 7.7 million to 9.6 million) remote workers rose between 2008 to 2015 as per new research published bt IPSE (Independent Professionals and the Self Employed). The annual growth on average 3.42% rate from last 7 years. Most of the remote workers from Western Europe, mainly the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

High tech peoples like to work from remote or comfort zone. These days companies also hire remote workers because they can reduce overhead cost, infrastructure cost and so on. As well as companies are able to hire potential talent without any boundaries.

As per the above details, one can perceive that vast majority running towards freelancing where is remote work far better than freelancing, as discussed above. Choosing your lifestyle if your choice but eventually peoples needs a stable life, which freelancers profile cannot resolve.

Having said that companies already started hiring on a remote basis, and sources predict that by 2030 almost 67% of tech peoples will be hired as remote employees by the companies. This is the whole of Remote jobs and remote work. You can read this article 9 ways the internet has changed the workplace.

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