Project Manager Salary and why hire a project manager

Since you are here perhaps you wanted to know about project management, although there are thousands of articles, tutorials, helps and knowledge base on the internet where from you learn or acquire knowledge about project management but this article not for them who wish to become project manager or who is project manager but learn some new tricks, instead this article for the new entrepreneur who wish to design or develop own application and start online business. So here we will share the Project Manager Salary and why hire a project manager

So lets directly dig into this without wasting any more time, I hope you would forgive me if I sound some brutal but that is the truth. 

Before I go ahead I would like to add one line for them who do not have the knowledge to differentiate between online salesperson/bidder and project manager in the technology industry “JUST STOP BULLING PEOPLE”. Mainly tiny IT firms usually do this.

So my free tips to the new entrepreneurs avoid those companies. Because Project Management is vast and it includes strategies, planning, execution, and risk assessment. PMP Certification is the most valuable certification on earth so hope peoples should respect that.

Anyways, let’s move on

Since the article for new or small entrepreneur so I will tell you what and how to handle those issues.

What is wrong?

By saying sorry I am going to start my first point that maybe it’s your idea or concept to make an awesome application but this is a really bad idea to think that you are a project manager, you just thought of an Idea and have some dollars with you, and you thought lets put this project on Freelancing sites, to be honest, this step is awful. This is the only steps you are facing issues while you design or develop the application from a designer or developer. Instead, hire some consultant who is a professional project manager.

What you should do?

The many sensible new or small entrepreneur usually research about what technology should use to build that product and what kind of cost involved and so on. So this is a really nice idea to spend some couple of months researching before you decide any technology. Do not judge the technology is on trends now, or many peoples using that technology or this is cheap technology and so on, think about future of technology, how long this technology can help in terms of security and scalability. Don’t get excited about anything, research every pin and pain points of that technology then start finding the resource.

What would be the next step

Now, you need to find our Project Manager for your product, a product manager is a doctor and designer and developer is a surgeon. First, you have to go to the doctor and take some advice then move to the next level. Without a project manager, a site cannot be completed properly, there will be glitches all the time. A good project manager will be responsible to make your Requirement Documentations, Software development life cycle, flow chart and database diagram. Once you match up all the documents from a project manager now you can go to the next level.

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Hire a profound designer

Graphics and UX designer usually play a great role in your application. This is a step from where you can see your visualized thoughts transforming into reality. You should work with a designer as much as you can, use new tricks and hacks to make your application not look nicer but boost great user experience. Check thoroughly each and every element of the application. Discuss with your friends about the design and what kind of changes could be made to improve to the next level. Try to give great effort get the best UI/UX.  

Lastly, once you are ready with design, do not release the designer because when you take the next step with developers, you will have to do many changes once again.

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Find cool zig zag developer

Finding the right developer is really painful, it’s hard and really hard. Especially if you have a low budget and you wish to hire developers from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, due to the lake of their skill you might fall into the trap however in these countries you will find top-notch developers too, you have to choose very carefully. If you have a good budget you can hire from any other countries like the UK, Europe, Australia the  US and so on.

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What is next then?

Open the required documents and another document which you received from the project manager and share with the developer as well as ask for time and cost. Once your agreement is done. Set up daily, a weekly and monthly task with deliverables. You can find many project management tools, please see the list of tools.

The above tools will help you to check the entire scenario of the project and how long it would take to deliver and what kind of hurdles you have to face in the future.

So, What are the benefits eventually?

  • Will Know what you want and what you will get, because all documented
  • Estimated budget and time
  • You know about buffer time of delivery
  • Designer or developer cannot ask extra payment on middle of the project development, saying “out of the scope”

Project Manager Salaries

The Project manager salaries vary company to company, so there is no static figure, however, you can check below to get a sneak peak about the salaryProject Manager Salary on remote jobs

Source : Payscale

But if you want to hire a project manager on remotely you might save a couple of thousands of dollars. Your project manager will give you an end to end service from a remote location.

The conclusion

Hence, This is the basic process one has to take on regular application development although this process can be implemented on such big application development as well as big companies but big companies have some robust policies so they can avoid silly mistakes which we usually face while making our own application. It does not matter if you have a small web site or big E-Commerce or CRM//ERP application, all process is the same. I am not covering here technical point project management execution, because there is no point to add some tech jargon unnecessarily. You can read this article Causes of Projects delays – 6 reasons.

All the best of your future online business. Cheers.

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