Interpersonal skills and soft skills

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The most important thing is believing yourself rather peoples will believe in you if you believe yourself, you can able to change the planet.

Today, here going to share some Interpersonal skills and soft skills which are hard to learn, and if you learn you will be successful for sure.

Here is Interpersonal skills and soft skills

  • Be Honest yourself
  • Having Confidence 
  • Listening 
  • Managing your time
  • Stop Whining
  • Staying presence at the very moment
  • Being Consistent 
  • Getting enough sleep

Be Honest yourself

One of the big thing that’s all people lie to themselves like I know better coding, I do great design, I am professional, mines this, mines that – but actually No Its not. The reason whoever you are competing with is not they are ignoring you. You might think oh my god how he got that kind great job and high earning, you should be brutally honest with yourself so that you will understand what you are missing within you. You might know many things or may not know many things, it does not matter, only things matter you must know your skills better than anybody. 

Having Confidence 

Not sure if you agree with this but many ways one of the key factors of legendary success is your natural ability, it’s not whether you are in right field, it’s not you have a blessed background, it’s not you have right IQ, it’s you and your confidence. You must think about it and deconstruct maybe later tonight. When you have the confidence or you can call it Fire – when you have that fire, that interior courage, you almost have that power to get whatever it takes to reach your goal.

In this world many ways, it’s not strategy its all about confidence. When peoples will see there is a problem you will able to see as an opportunity, that’s because of your confidence. The confidence you need to develop, confidence is a practice and this is a great skill to learn.


Nelson Mandela is a particular case study on leadership worlds because he is universally regarded as a great leader. He was a son of a Trible chief and when asked one day – how did you learn to become a great leader, and he responded that he used to go with his father to tribal meeting and he remembers two things when his father meet with other elders 

  1. They were always sitting on a circle and
  2. His father always lasts to speak.

You will hear whole life learn to listen, I would say to learn to be the last speaker, The skills to hold your opinion too until other spoken there are 2 things

  1. It gives everybody else the feeling that they have been heard, it has given everyone else ability to feel that they have contributed and
  2. You get the benefits what everybody else said before you render your opinion

The skills to really keep your opinion yourself, if you agree with somebody don’t yes and if you disagree with somebody don’t say No. Simply sit there and only thing is to allow to do is ask questions so that you can understand what they mean and what you can contribute and how you can continue, you must understand from where they are speaking and why they have such opinion not just what they are saying and at the end you will get your turn. It sounds easy but it’s not. Practice being the last to speak.

Managing your time

The challenge in our generation is gradually entertainment through television, media every way possible, we are living in the generation of a dumbing down of Ideas. Because we have created effectiveness for busyness. The statistics say we are busier than any other generation we have seen last 300-400 years. We are so busy that we think that we are busy we are effective. This is a challenge your schedule for a minute and asks yourself are you really busy? or you are really productive? Is your life cluttered with many kinds of stuff which is stuck you to get your highest productivity? 

As per scientific research, the 80% of busy work we do actually it’s not effective or productive on an average 20% of their time only do what they really productive, passionate, excited to do and rest of the time we do all kind dumb stuff to survive. So what we can do, if we can switch the number around 80% on productive, passionate, excited to do and 20% dumbness wonder what happens in your life, think about for a  minute  “you could change the world”. We know how to manage money, how to get jobs, we know everything except we know the value of time. You are listing songs or whatever you do, you forget that somebody is taking your time which you have gifted to become creative and productive. 

Stop Whining

What is Whining, whatever you think it is so just don’t do it? And every time you do it you have put a quarter in a jar. If you whine as I can’t, she is bad, what you have done, why she has done this, and so on every time it’s being counted. We need to stop whining. This is another Interpersonal skills and soft skills.

Staying presence at the very moment

If you are living in the past you gonna be depressed because you are re-hashing things that happen to you, and that is not going to happen again if you are living in future you gonna be anxious, because you are anticipating what’s coming or you are wishing for things that aren’t happening yet. Being in the present is gold. Being in the presents moment is where you will have the greatest control, where you will fees that most at ease and where happiness flourishes. There is a super tight connection between happiness and the present moment. A lot of people believe that happiness is tied to the things that happen to you, not so at all.

In fact there is professor of positive psychology is one of the grade father of movement he teaches at the University of Pennsylvania his name is Martin Seligman, and he’s studied happiness for decades now one of the things we have talked about a lot is that 40% of your happiness levels are preset by genetics 60% you who control this. One of the things that this professor has discovered is that it does not matter what happens to you, in the fact some of the peoples that have had worst things, The worst things happen to them like people that have survived the Holocaust are actually the happiest and most grateful peoples in the world.

Happiness comes down to right up your mind. comes downs to your thoughts and comes downs to your mindset, attitude, and you are 100% in control of what you are thinking. May, not you control what you are feeling right now but you can always be in control of what you think and that will change what you feeling. One of the most powerful things that you can do in terms of thinking and this goes back to strick’s questions is “How do you be present”. Being presents is literally nothing more than the skill of having your thoughts be in this moment. Not the past not the future but right here.

The way you teach yourself how to do that is the moment you catch yourself being distracted, the moment you catch yourself starting to worry, the moment you catch yourself drifting to the future or drifting to the past, that is a moment of tremendous power because you basically you woke up. You basically just noticed that you are not here, is this particular moment so use that wake-up call 5-4-3-2-1 and ground yourself at this moment. The best way to ground yourself at this moment is, just look for something in this particular moment that you can savor. I am using the world savor on purpose because it is the world of psychologist use to describe what happens when you find something at this moment right now. right here right now.

Being Consistent 

Success is not a destination, peoples always think that oh my god this person is so much successful but one must know that success is a journey we have to work consistently always so that you will be really successful otherwise you will remember your last failure. You have compensated for failure and getting up and running. You have to waste more time to become successful. Whatsoever you have contributed last could of years or decade that results you are getting now if you stop working consistently you will not get success.

Getting enough sleep

Lets prioritized the sleep at the very moment. You need sleep, not 7-8 hrs a day, it could be any number, it could 4 hrs sleep a day or it could be 12 hrs sleep. So, Until your biological clock pushes you to wake up, you should take your sleep. It does not matter what it takes, no matter what others tell you about sleep, your body needs sleep and your brain too, so get enough sleep. When you will get enough sleep your brain and body start functioning properly, it will help you to be productive and creative. You can contribute to your work.

So, this is the detailed information about Interpersonal skills and soft skills. You should do a practice every day. Also, you can read about Work from home and remote jobs for fixed monthly income.

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